Trevor Hall

I'm Trevor. I'm a husband, a father, an author, a geek, and an entrepreneur.

My passion for brining great products to market facilitated by bleeding-edge technology have led me to the creation of a technology and strategy consultancy, Creative Bay, the founding of Conversant Health, ColorbookIt, LootTap, LLC, and the successor to the founding CEO of as the CEO & President. The experiences each building atop of one another, helping me author my first publication, The Scalability Coefficient. The path I'm traveling is leading me to an exciting place in my professional life and one I enjoy taking head-on every day.

  • My co-founders and I started Conversant Health with a philosophy: Patient-Centric Research didn't need to stagger 10-years behind the technology curve. We grew this philosophy into one of the leading digital health platforms, bridging the gap between connected health data, people, and healthcare; committed to the improvement lives and health outcomes.

  • I started Creative Bay out of simple necessity. It was the logical progression of my original contracting company, Blue Corral, as I needed a place to house the many ventures I had started while sustaining an organization that would fit my consultancy needs. Founded in 2013, Creative Bay is the hub of all my endeavors and am excited into what it will bring next.

  • In October 2013, my entrepreneurial itch struck again and was the catalyst to the founding of ColorbookIt. As a father, I realized the joy of making my children smile, and decided to take a home project I had made to the open market. ColorbookIt offers custom, personalized coloring books for families and businesses with the simple goal of creating fun activities for others.

  • The



    The Scalability Coefficient is a child of my and other's experiences in a complex and evolving IT business climate. Where I outline a new method of analyzing your business so you can accommodate the steady pace of modern business, while pushing your organization to success with complete, thoughtful decisions based off facts.

  • In late 2012, I accepted the role of President & CEO of, a leading network committed to connect individuals to financial professionals. Through the duration of the two years that followed, I had the great experience of working with a fantastic team of innovative, creative and hard-working group, ushering the company into its first era of sustainable growth and profitability.

  • I joined forces with Golden Guru, a Seattle-based technology think-tank, in 2007. Initially as a short-term agreement, the partnership quickly grew into a full-time context, working together to solve technology and leadership problems plaguing companies across multiple industries and markets.

  • Relax your search with LootTap.

    I started LootTap in 2010 with a very simple idea: I needed something to help me regularly find contracts and clients on behalf of Creative Bay. What started as something simple grew quickly into a consumer application, free for use by anyone. I successfully drove LootTap for over 2.5 years, into 2013, when I exited through an aquisition of the company.

Trevor Hall

Father, Husband, Technologist, Author, Entrepreneur, and a Neat Fellow